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Notes of a meeting between MVEIRB, MVLWB and Tyhee staff to discuss status of the process and next steps in the process.

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A letter to the Review Board, notifying the Review Board that Tyhee is withdrawing its current water license and land use permit application and submitting a new application to the Land and Water Board. The developer is requesting the new application be r

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Letter from DFO to Tyhee NWT regarding the regulatory process required to approve of Winter Lake as a tailings containment area and concerns about evaluating alternatives to this during the EA

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A letter from the Department of Fisheries and Ocean and Environment Canada to Tyhee NWT Corp regarding the steps required to place the propose Yellowknife Gold Project Tailings Impoundment Area on to Schedule II of the Metal Mines Effluent Regulations.

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The Review Board possesses electronic copies of the Phase I and Phase II Discovery Mine Completion Reports that were produced by INAC Contaminants and Remediation Directorate. Interested parties can obtain copies of these documents by contacting the MVEIRB office.

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A letter from Tyhee to the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board regarding their request to withdraw their land use permit (MV2005D0009) and water license application (MV2005L2-0003). Tyhee is submitting a new application to reflect the new development pl

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A letter and the new application for a land use permit and water license for the construction and operation of the proposed 4000 t/d Yellowknife Gold Project. Tyhee requests the MVLWB refer the application as soon as possible to the Review Board for envir

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This letter is to notify the distribution list that EA0506-004 has been cancelled, due to withdrawal of the developer's application to the MVLWB.

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On July 25, 2008 the Review Board received a copy of Tyhee's new Project Description Report for the Yellowknife Gold Project, which was submitted with the new land use permit and water license applications to the Land and Water Board. The electronic files are too large to place online.