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Notification from the Review Board to Paramount Resources regarding the Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs decision on SDL8 EA 0506-007 as well as notification from the National Energy Board on the recommendation.

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Notice from National Energy Board regarding the Ministers decision of the Paramount Resources Ltd. SDL8 Geophysical Program and the Review Boards recommendations on that environmental assessment.

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This letter outlines Paramount's response and opinion on the Report of Environmental Assessment issued by MVEIRB.

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This letter is in response to a December 21, 2006 letter Paramount Resources sent to the Review Board.

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A letter from Bob Overvold to Gabrielle Mackenzie-Scott, thanking MVEIRB for providing the Report of the Environmental Assessment

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February 2, 2007 Letter from Paramount to MVEIRB requesting a response to its questions about the determination of significance and the selection of mitigation measures in the SDL8 EA. Note: This letter was received by the Review Board on February 8, 20

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A letter dated February 23, 2007, from Vern Christensen, MVEIRB to Shirley Maaskant, Paramount Resources Ltd. in response to concerns raised by Paramount regarding significance determination and mitigation measures of for the SDL8 EA.

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This report was too large to put on the registry. For those interested, please contact MVEIRB for a copy.