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Final meeting minutes from Technical Sessions held on July 17-18, 2007 in Hay River.

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A note that Audio CDs of the Technical Sessions in Hay River on July 17 and 18 have been distributed by mail to all Parties to the EA. These files are much too large to go on the website. Others interested in listening to the Technical Sessions audio can contact the Review Board.

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Information from Adrian Brown Consultants, provided as an undertaking from the Hay River Technical Sessions, identifying work done for the Diavik Diamond Mine Ammonia Management Plan, assessing ammonia concentrations for mines utilizing emulsion/ANFO mixe

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The entire Diavik Diamond Mine Ammnonia Management Plan Review Panel Report, dated Feb 9, 2007, submitted by Adrian Brown Consultants to the Review Board. Relevant to the consideration of ammonia concentrations likely to occur from blasting. Note: this is

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Following up on an undertaking from the Technical Sessions in July, the Review Board staff identified specific topographic and drainage basin images from material already on the public record - from a study done by Beak Consultants for Western Mines in 19

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This document constitutes Appendix 3 (Chemical Analysis of Groundwater) from the Brown,Erdman and Associates pump test from 1980, and was confirmed by experts at the Technical Sessions held in Hay River to be an acceptable representation of likely groundw

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Tamerlane Ventures Inc's presentation at the technical sessions held in Hay River on July 17-18, 2007.

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A list of water-related documents from the MVEIRB PPPP environmental assessment public registry, for technical experts to consider as they prepare for Technical Sessions.

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Additional questions for consideration of Technical Experts in preparation for Topic 1 - Water inflows to mine - of the forthcoming Technical Sessions in Hay River on July 17-18.

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A slightly changed 2007 version of the NWT Mine Reclamation Guidelines, developed by INAC. For consideration of the developer and parties for the Technical Sessions.

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Proposed questions for technical sessions from INAC, relating to closure and reclamation aspects of water quality and quantity issues. These questions have been appropriately incorporated into the final Technical Sessions - Topic #4 on Water Management.

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Final agenda, format and topics for the July 17-18th Technical Sessions in Hay River.

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Notes from pre-technical sessions meeting as compiled by MVEIRB staff in attendance.

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The proposed agenda for Wednesday, June 27th's pre-technical session teleconference

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Attached is the MVEIRBƒ_Ts preliminary questions on water issues for the upcoming technical session on Tamerlane Venturesƒ_T Pine Point Pilot Project.

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Announcement by the Review Board that Technical Sessions on water chemistry and hydrology issues will be held in Hay River on July 17-18, and announcing a Pre-Technical Sessions Teleconference for June 27, 2007, along with teleconference info and tips she

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Responses from Tamerlane Ventures to the proposed technical meeting topics of the GNWT, INAC and Environment Canada, submitted June 19, 2007

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INAC suggestions for Technical Meeting topics, focusing on water and reclamation planning issues

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GNWT suggestions for Technical Meeting Topics, focusing on water quality and waste products

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List of Technical Meeting Topics suggested by Environment Canada, focusing on groundwater, air quality, waste disposal, Closure planning, post-closure monitoring and SARA species.

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This Technical Meetings Topic Questionnaire is for parties to report back to the REview Board on what topics, if any, they feel need to be addressed further in Technical Meetings. The Review Board will use the results to assist in determining whether to h