Mackenzie River 2D Seismic Program - EA02-002

Document List - Developer's Assessment Report/Environmental Impact Statement

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MVEIRB requests 40 paper copies and 10 CD copies of the DAR.

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Follow-up email from MVEIRB asking for more copies of the DAR and describing the confidentiality process.

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MVEIRB has received the DAR from WesternGeco. Any parties wishing to have intervener status must fill out the self identification form attached.

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List of all the terms of reference no included in WesternGeco's DAR

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WesterGeco sends MVEIRB 11 copies of the DAR as requested.

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WesternGeco's response to noted deficiencies in their EA report.

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A public notice from MVEIRB listing the directly affected parties and interveners. They clarify the role of NEB as designated regulator and accept WesternGeco's DAR as in conformity with the TOR.