Snap Lake water licence amendment - EA1314-02

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A report outling proposed changes to the exisinting EQCs for: TDS, chloride, flouride, ammonia, and nitrate.

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The Nitrogen Response Plan describes the tasks that De Beers has completed and is in the process of completing in response to increasing nitrate and ammonia concentrations in Snap Lake:

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A report outlining the developer's proposed response plan for Total Dissolved Solids.

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An update to the existing hydrodyanamic report including: TDS, nutrients, major ions, metals, and metalloids.

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an initial assessment of the long-term water storage, release rate, and water quality conditions (in particular with respect to nitrate and ammonia) within, and discharging from, the North Pile.

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The purpose of the report is to present the methods used to predict the water quality discharging to Snap Lake from the Mine, and to provide the results of these predictions

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this report presents the methods used to predict the water quantity discharging to Snap Lake from the Mine site, and provides the results of these predictions.

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Supporting informaiton for groundwater modelling

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An update to the Developer's community engagement activities since 2011.

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A document by the developer showing proposed changes to the existing Snap Lake water licence.

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The MVLWB 'Mining Industry Questionanaire'

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A document containing links for the water licence application documents.

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The Water Licence application that was referred to EA.