Snap Lake water licence amendment - EA1314-02

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The Review Board requested comments from parties on the scope of the assessment and the workplan This document contains reviewer comments and De Beers' responses.

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The Review Board's Reasons for Decision regarding the scope of the environmental assessment.

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This is an updated letter with active links. The original letter had innactive links.

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This document invites reviewers to submit comments on the Online Review System for the Snap Lake Water Licence Amendment Application and EA Scoping Document.

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This is a cover letter that describes the joint Mackenzie Valley Land & Water Board and Review Board process. It also requests comments on the draft EA scoping document and water licence amendment.

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A document to assist reviewers in defining which proposed amendments may be considered within the Review Boards environmental assessment.

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Draft Workplan for the joint Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board and Review Board Snap Lake environmental assessment and Water Licence Amendment process