Snap Lake water licence amendment - EA1314-02

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A joint letter from the Government of Canada and the NWT to the NSMA regarding participation in the Snap Lake EA.

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Transcript for Day 2 of the Technical Session

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Transcript for day 1 of the Technical Session.

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A poster provided by De Beers during the Technical Session.

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Technical Session Information requests are due on Tuesday April 22 at 5:00.

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This is the De Beers amendment overview presentation for the Technical Session.

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This is the De Beers Technical Session presentation on the Nitrogen Response Plan.

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This document contains supplemental filings related to IR's, MVRMA Section 117 and chronic effects benchmark testing.

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Should you wish to participate in the Tech Session by phone please contact the MVLWB or the Review Board.

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A document provided by De Beers that outlines the supplimental information that will be provided on Friday April 11.

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The agenda for the Technical Session