Chedabucto Mineral Exploration Project - EA1415-02

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The Behchoko Hearing Agenda.

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This hearing directive provides guidance and information about the Behchoko and Yellowknife hearings. This includes hearing procedures, upcoming dates and filing of post hearing materials.

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This is a list of commitments from Husky.

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This is Husky's response to interventions from the TG, NSMA, GNWT, and DKFN.

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Tlicho Government's hearing presentation

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A letter from the GNWT regarding Board member Kirby Marshall's participation at the Behchoko hearing.

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This letter from the YKDN summarizes its comments on the Chedabucto EA.

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The Review Board is providing a preliminary list of developer's commtments and is asking parties to provide any additional commitments by June 16, 2015.

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This is the NSMA's public hearing intervention.

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A report by the Tlicho Goverment for the proposed protected area.

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This is the Tlicho Governement's public hearing intervention.

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The GNWT's hearing intervention.

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EC's Hearing Intervention

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This is a letter from the Review Board to parties to the EA regarding Board member Kirby Marshall's participation at the Behchoko community hearing.

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This is a Review Board letter regarding the Intervenor status application from Northern Awakenings.

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An application for Intervenor status from Northern Awakenings which represents residents of the North Arm of Great Slave Lake.

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The NWT chapter of the Council of Canadians is withdrawing as an Intervenor but will participate at the public hearing as a member of the public.

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This letter describes the participation of federal departments in the Chedabucto project EA.

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The date of the Behchoko community hearing is changed to Thursday June 18, 2015.

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Intervenor status has been granted to: YKDFN, TG, DKFN, NSMA, EC, GWNT, and the NWT chapter of the Council of Canadians.

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Applications for intervenor status from: TG, YKDFN, NSMA, DKFN, EC, GNWT, NWT chapter of the Council of Canadisns.

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The Tlicho Goverment requests that the Review Board consider changing the Behchoko community hearing date.

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Community Hearings for the Chedabucto EA are scheduled for Yellowknife on June 23 and Behchoko on June 26.