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A table showing the status of commitments from the technical session.

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Per commitment 7 and 14 made during the technical session the developer took DFO representatives and a local harvester to visit water course crossings where culverts are proposed along the proposed TASR alignment.

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The developer committed at the technical session (commitment 7) to take elders on a site visit of the TASR alignment to visit proposed culvert locations. This document is a summary of this visit.

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The WRRB's response to commitment number 11 from the technical session which asekd for the WRRB to identify special boreal caribou habitat in the vicinity of the proposed road.

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Additional boreal caribou maps and narrative for figures in the GNWT response to ECCC IR#7. Provided in response to commitment 9 from the technical session.

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Appendices to go with PR#195.

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Unpublished draft of 'Calf production and adult sex ratio in the bathurst and bluenose east herds of barren-ground caribou' report by Cluff et al. 2017. Referenced by GNWT in its response to commitment 3 (PR#189, #190). An accompanying note from GNWT can be found in PR#194 and the appendices are in PR#196.

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The Government of Northwest Territories provided a note along with the submission of the Cluff et al. 2017 unpublished draft report (PR#195 and #196) that GNWT referenced in its response to commitment 3 (PR#189, #190).

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Summary of relevant findings from archaeological work completed at 13 potential borrow pits. Provided in response to commitment 22 from the August technical sessons in Behchoko.

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Caribou distribution data maps associated with PR#189 (response to technical session commitment 3).

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GNWTs response to technical session commitment 3 about caribout distribution. Associated maps can be found in PR#190.

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Operating procedures for collared caribou and geotechnical investigations along the proposed TASR. Response to part of commitment 10 from the technical session. The rest of the response to commitment 10 will be provided in the updated WMMP.

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The final list of commitments from the techinical session including a marked up version showing were changes were made and package of emails showing that parties agree to the wording.

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Provided by the developer as part of teh response to commitment 15.

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A meeting report between the GNWT and WRRB regarding follow-up on wording of commitment #3 from the technical session.

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A letter from the developer regarding the review of the WMMP and timing considerations for the EA workplan.

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The transcript for day three of the technical session held on Thursday August 17, 2017 in Behchoko.

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This file contains the developer's presentations for day 1, 2, and 3 of the technical sessions. 

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An introductory presentation for the techinical session provided by the Review Board on day one, Tuesday August 16, 2017.  

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The transcript for day two of the technical session held on Wednesday August 16, 2017 in Behchoko.

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The transcript for day 1 of the technical session held on Tuesday August 15, 2017 in Behchoko.

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The cover letter for the developer's responses to the North Slave Metis Alliance's information requests.

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Developer responses to NSMA information requests.

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The WRRB submitted the document, Population dynamics and critical habitat of woodland caribou in the Saskatchewan Boreal Shield, interim report 2013-2016, Department of Biology University of Saskatchewan.

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The WRRB submitted the document, Action Plan for the Woodland Caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou), Boreal Population, in Canada, Federal Actions 2017.

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The CV for Cameron Stevens, consultant for the developer. 

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The developer's draft WEMP submitted for the technical sessions.

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Pre-Techinical Session Conference Minutes

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The Review Board is hosting a pre-technical session conference on August 1, 2017.

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Technical sessions are scheduled for August 15th and 16th in Behchoko.