Prairie Creek All Season Road - EA1415-01

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Request for party status form submitted by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.

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Socio-economic Agreement between CanZinc and GNWT posted to registry for EA1415-01as requested in August 14, 2014 letter from CanZinc to GNWT.

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Updated workplan with tentative dates for process steps leading up to the hearings.

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email from the Review Board to CanZinc prior to the DAR submission regarding the adequacy review and submission requirements

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Parks Canada's letter to the Review Board outlining its final position on CanZinc establishing an airstrip within Nahanni National Park Reserve

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Letter from Parks Canada to the Review Board requesting clarification on items in the "Reasons for Decision on the Scope of the EA"

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Letter from CanNor summarizing the federal departments' participation and status in the EA

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The Review Board's Reasons for Decision on the Scope of the Environmental Assessment

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This document has been transferred over from the MVLWB public registry at the request of the Review Board.

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This is the Final Terms of Reference.

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These are all of the comments received on the ORS for the Draft ToR. It includes letters, party and developer comments and responses, and the Review Board's responses.

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The Draft Work Plan for the proposed Prairie Creek all season road and airstrip project as of the release of the Terms of Reference

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Letter notifying the public that the Review Board has issued its Draft Terms of Reference.

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MVEIRB Draft Terms of Reference for CanZinc's proposed all season road and airstrip

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This is the developer's draft Terms of Refernce for the Prairie Creek All Season Road and Airstrip prepared by Canadian Zinc Corporation.