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Deadline extension for IRs relating to undertaking 7.

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Supplementary fisheries habitat report submitted in partial response to technical session undertaking #7.

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This document is submitted by CanZinc as a follow-up response to undertaking #2 regarding reclamation outcomes indicated by the original winter road.

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This is an updated Wildlife Mitigation and Monitoring Plan submitted by CanZinc.

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Amalgamation of CanZinc commitments from Technical Sessions and Responses to Round 1 of Information Requests

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List of undertakings from technical session with hyperlinks to response documents.

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This submission from CanZinc is a response to undertaking #12 from the technical sessions.

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Letter from Government of Canada re response to technical session undertaking #7

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Vegetation and wildlife baseline studies conducted at request of Parks Canada July 2016.

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Undertaking response #32 submitted by CanZinc.

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This document contians undertaking responses from the technical sessions. Undertakings 19, 23 and 24 remain outstandiing.

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This is an email from CanZinc regarding the IAB lands map with approval from Chief and Council on the route.

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MVEIRB and DFO staff meeting regarding undertaking #7 and process timing.

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This article is submitted to the Review Board by LKFN with rationale that it is relevant to this project due to potential for impacts to the environment resulting from landslides.

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Summary reports available for comment on the Nahanni Butte and Fort Simpson Cultural Impact Technical Sessions. Parties have until August 12th to comment.

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Summary Report of Fort Simpson Cultural Impacts Technical Session, July 5, 2016

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Summary Report of Nahannit Butte Cultural Impacts Session, July 4, 2016

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Ecotype Map Report (Supporting document for GoC undertaking #10)

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GoC responses to technical session undertakings 10 and 15

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GNWT response to undertaking #41

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Letter from NBDB Chief to Justin Trudeau re access road entrance on IAB lands and project co-management

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Note to file for board staff contact July 8-15

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Nahanni Butte Dene Band Council Resolution re: Traditional Land Use Agreement (TLUA) with Canadian Zinc Corporation. BCR # 07/05/2016-1

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Detailed map of IAB lands near Nahanni Butte

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MVEIRB presentation for Fort Simpson Cultural Impacts Technical Session_July 5, 2016

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MVEIRB presentation for Nahanni Butte Cultural Impacts Technical Session, July 4 2016

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CanZinc presentation in Nahanni Butte and Fort Simpson.

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Agenda for Technical Session on Cultural Impacts in Nahanni Butte

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Agenda for Technical Session on Cultural Impacts in Fort Simpson

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GNWT letter to Chief Harry Deneron and President Ernie McLeod encouraging Acho Dene Koe First Nation and Fort Liard Metis Local 67 participation at the cultural impacts technical session & EA1415-01

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GNWT letter to Grand Chief Herb Norwegian of Dehcho First Nations, encouraging participation in the Cultural Impacts technical session and Prairie Creek Mine All Season Raod environmental assessment

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Joanne Barnaby has been hired by the Review Board as an independent facilitator to lead the technical sessions on cultural impacts. Resume attached.

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This is a Notice of Proceedings for technical sessions on cultural impacts in Nahanni Butte July 4 and in Fort Simpson July 5.

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Parties and the developer are asked to comment on draft technical session undertakings.

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This poster was on the wall during the June 13-16 techncial sessions.

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Map with access road and jurisdictions with IAB land parcel at potential access control location.

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This is the WAter Licence for the Tuk-Inuvik Hwy submitted by GNWT during the technical sessions.

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Invasive and Rare Plant Survey Report from 2010 placed on registry at parties' request during June 13, 2016 techncial session.

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This notice of proceeding provides suggestions for parties to prepare for the technical session.

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Agenda for the CanZinc technical session which starts at 10:30am Monday June 13, 2016

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The March 2016 prefeasibility study (PFS) referenced in CanZinc's April 1, 2016 letter to the Review Board

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CV for Toby Perkins, one of the Review Board's consultants for the Prairie Creek All Season Road Project

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CVs for CanZinc's technical advisors that will be at the technical session.

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Oboni Riskope's response the the Review Board's May 16th letter

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CPAWS's response to the Review Board's May 16th, 2016 letter regarding the key lines of questioning for the technical session

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email regarding the location of the Wolverine airstrip

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Notification of technical sessions June 13-16, 2016