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Report of Environmental Assessment for WesternGeco's Mackenzie River Delta 2-d Seismic Program.

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INAC has decided to accept, with the proposed modifications, MVEIRBs REA for the Mackenzie River Delta Seismic Program.

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Evaluation of the Potential Impacts of Seismic Surveys on the Behaviour and Auditory physiology of Fish in the Mackenzie River.

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Confirmation between WesternGeco and DCFN of action points discussed during a previous phone conversation.

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DCFN's comments on the draft terms of reference and work Plan.

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The Terms of Reference of and Work Plan for WesternGeco's Mackenzie River Seismic Program.

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Dr. Arthur Popper's comments on the draft terms of reference.

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Project description presentation made by WesternGeco in Yellowknife to various government departments and regulators.

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WesternGeco's community consultation schedule for March.

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Summary of a phone conversation between Vern Christensen and DCFN.

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Environmental Impact Assessment Report submitted to MVLWB and NEB. Copy of this report is too large to place on the registry, to obtain a copy of the report contact MVEIRB.

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NEB provides MVEIRB with a description of the proposed project and some excerpts of WesternGeco's EIA report, requesting any comments or concerns.

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Re: Comments on WesternGeco's Mackenzie River Delta 2D Seismic Program 2002 submission before EISC in May

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EISC informing WesternGeco that their development proposal had deficiencies of a nature that warranted terminating itƒ_Ts consideration until the submission of another project description.

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NEB information request No. 1 to WesternGeco regarding Mackenzie Delta River 2D Seismic Program, 2002.

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RWED's comments on WesternGeco's application to conduct a 2D Seismic program.

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NEB faxes WesternGeco a copy of all the replys it recieved to their request to review and comment.

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NEB faxes WesternGeco a copy of all the replys it recieved to their request to review and comment.

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More replies to NEB's request to review and comment.

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Confirms the date and time of the meeting regarding WesternGeco.

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WesternGoco's responses to the National Energy Boardƒ_Ts Information Request No. 1, including a Marine Operating Manual. Both of these documents are too large to be placed on the public registry, to obtain a copy of these documents contact MVEIRB.

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NEB requests that all interested parties review the sections of WesternGeco's responses that apply to them and reply with any addition information or clarification required.

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Agenda for the meeting to discuss WesternGeco's Seismic Project.

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WesternGeco's presentation from the meeting in Yellowknife, including a draft acoustic and biological assessment program.

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EISC informs WesternGeco of its decision to refer their Mackenzie River project to environmental assessment

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Draft Letter of referral of the Seismic program to MVEIRB for environmental assessment.

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RWED comments on the proposed Mackenzie River Seismic program.

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DFO's comments on NEB's referral to environmental assessment

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DFO's comments on NEB's referral to environmental assessment

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MVEIRB notifies WesternGeco that their Mackenzie river project has been referred to environmental Assessment

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NEB's response to RWED' concerns and comments on the proposed seismic program.

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NEB's response to the GNWTƒ_Ts recommendation that the proponent undertake seismic test programs to gain more information.

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Golder responds to DFO comments on the proposed acoustic and fish monitoring program.

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Gwich'in Renewable Resource Board's comments on WesternGeco's Mackenzie River 2D seismic program.

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Public notice from the Environmental Impact Screening Committee that WesternGeco's Mackenzie delta River 2D Seismic Program has been referred to Environmental Assessment.

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Copy of the Gwich'in Renewable Resources Board's comments on the proposed Mackenzie River 2D Seismic Program.

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GNWT provides comments to WG on their proposed test program.

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The Sahtu Renewable Resource board disagrees with the proposed project in the Mackenzie Delta

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This letter contains comments from the SRRB on WG's seismic program and was forwarded tot he distribution list by MVEIRB.

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A few news articles regarding WesternGeco's seismic program and the public's concerns and comments

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This email contains copies of NEB's notification of preliminary screening exemption for the research program and a copy of IMG-Golder's Acoustic and Biological test for the Mackenzie river/Delta.

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DFO letter of advice RE: WesternGecoƒ_Ts Acoustic and Biological Test 2002 in support of the Mackenzie River/Delta 2D Seismic Programs.

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Communications regarding WesternGeco's application, the proposed test project and their consultation.

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NEB requests comments from WesternGeco regarding the Sahtu Renewable Resources Board's recommendations for the research test program.

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NEB requests WesternGeco's comments and concerns with DFO's letter of advice.

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NEB's second request to WesternGeco for a response to Sahtu Renewable Resources Board's 4 recommendations.

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The Environmental Impact Review Board informs MVEIRB of WesternGecoƒ_Ts referral to Environmental Assessment. They also inform MVEIRB how they can become a registered participant.

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WesterGeco requests that their proposed Mackenzie River Seismic Project receive hold status.

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Public notice of WesternGeco's request to have the EA process put on Hold.

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NEB informs the concerned parties that because of their referral to environmental assessment, they will halt all technical review of the project until the assessment is complete and accepted.

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MVEIRB has placed the environmental assessment of WesternGeco's Seismic Program on hold until they have completed their testing and provided the results to the board.

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Alan Ehrlich has replaced Joe Acorn as managing officer of this environmental assessment.

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Letter from WesternGeco requesting intervener status on the EA of Northern Rivers Surveys Ltd. Response from NRS to WesternGeco's request for intervener status.

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News North reporting on the results or WesternGecos Seismic testing in the Mackenzie River.

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MVEIRB tells WesternGeco what is expected of them for their EA submission and what will be done in the mean time by MVEIRB to speed up the process.

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WesternGeco confirms receiving the email from MVEIRB.

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MVEIRB forwards all regulations and forms need to properly apply for intervener status in the WesternGeco EA.

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NEB believes that the concerns of Parks Canada can be mitigated if a communication strategy is used.

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News article covering the views of different First Nations groups affected by WesternGeco's Seismic Program.

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Chief Rita Cli Gives Update on Development in the Simpson Area.

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Herb Norwegian describes land protection in Nahanni National Part Reserve.

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MVEIRB requests 40 paper copies and 10 CD copies of the DAR.

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MVEIRB forwards all the local new stories relating to the Seismic program to WesternGeco.

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Follow-up email from MVEIRB asking for more copies of the DAR and describing the confidentiality process.

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Call from WesternGeco about presenting the results from the test program in a workshop on Dec. 05/02. The note also list the parties expected at the workshop.

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This is too large to put online, for more information please contact MVEIRB.

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WesternGeco informs MVEIRB how it plans to approach the EA process, according to the advice it received.

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This repot is to large to be placed in the online registry, for more information please contact MVEIRB.

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MVEIRB notifies the distribution list that the WesternGeco EA has been reactivated and forwards a copy of the Draft Terms of Reference and Work Plan for the Mackenzie Seismic program.

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Copy of the minutes from WesternGeco's Acoustic, Fish and Wildlife Report "roll-out"

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DFO's comments on WesternGecos report.

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This meeting was held to present and discuss the 2002 feild test studies no acoustics, effects of airguns on fish, and wildlife monitoring.

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INAC's comments on the draft terms of reference for WesternGeco's Mackenzie River Seismic Project

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DFO's comments on the draft terms of reference for WesternGeco's Mackenzie River Seismic Program.

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MVEIRB forwards a copy of DFO and INAC's comments on the draft terms of reference and work plan to the distribution list.

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Dr. Arthur Popper's comments in response to the draft terms of reference and DFO's comments on the same document.

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Lorrnel Consultants ask MVEIRB to resend the fax because they did not receive the full document.

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A number of news articles relating to WesternGeco closing some of its lad seismic operations in North America.

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Documents and up-dated public registry are sent to Deh Cho First Nations

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DFO calls to support comments by Dr. A. Popper

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WesternGeco submits its comments on the draft terms of reference and work plan.

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MVEIRB ask WesternGeco to contact each party separately and ask if a hard copy or CD is better.

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MVEIRB has received the DAR from WesternGeco. Any parties wishing to have intervener status must fill out the self identification form attached.

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List of all the terms of reference no included in WesternGeco's DAR

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WesterGeco sends MVEIRB 11 copies of the DAR as requested.

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DCFN's response to which portion of the Mackenzie River is important to the spiritual well-being of the DCFN.

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WesternGeco had decided to defer the projected start of this project until 2004 but would like the assessment process to proceed.

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MVEIRB's letter was written to insure that the facts of the EA are clear and on the public record.

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A copy of the format for technical reports to be submitted to the board.

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Fort Simpson council raises the question of the DCFN response being unsigned and possibly not representing the DCFN as a whole.

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The deadline for technical reports has been moved from June 2nd to June 9th, 2003.

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WesternGeco clarifies a few of its reasons for delaying the Mackenzie program and express their opinion on MVEIRB's response to their letter.

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High intensity anthropogenic sound damages fish ears.

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DCFN states that they will not be submitting a technical report and thanks MVEIRB for continuing to involve them in the process.

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Technical report from the GRRB

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Executive summary of the Technical review of the Environmental assessment for the WesternGeco Max=ckenzie and Liard Rivers 2d seismic program 2003 by Arthur Popper.

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DFO submission of their technical report

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WesternGeco Adresses concerns with Poppers Tech report

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DFO clarifies a few points about the areas proposed for shutdown.

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This email contains WesternGecos concerns with assumptions made in Poppers report and a second email from Jasco Research voicing the same concerns.

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NEB fax requesting WesternGeco's comments on MVEIRB's REA.

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NEB forwards a copy of its original request for comments and WesternGecos responses to MVEIRB.

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INAC confirms receiving MVEIRB's letter concerning WesternGeco.

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Minister of INAC has begun review of the REA.

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Chief Bertrand expresses surprise that NRS is still an option bcause they have not been contacted or consulted during the process.

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NEB requests a meeting with MVEIRB regarding possible modification to the recommended measures.

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INAC would like to initiate the consult to modify process with MVEIRB

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NEB informs WesternGeco that they have entered into the consult to modify process with MVEIRB.

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INAC received MVEIRB's reply to the request for consult to modify and discussion of beginning the process.

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Due to uncertainties in the process WesternGeco wishes to defer its project through 2004 and is therefore requesting an extension on its application until the end of 2005.

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WesterGeco requests to change application so their proposed project runs fro June 2005 until august 2005

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NEB would like a time frame for when MVEIRB would be ready to begin the consult to modify process.

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MVEIRB sets up a meeting to deal with the substance of the consultation requests.

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DCFN express concerns and dissatisfaction with the level of consultation they received during the consult to modify process and review of the REA.

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MVEIRB informs the RM that they have changed the wording of revised measure 1.

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Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development has decided to adopt the REA with the modifications.

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NEB has decided to accept MVEIRB's REA with the proposed modifications.

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Completed forms for Identification of Environmental Assessment Roles returned to MVEIRB.

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INAC's completed identification of EA roles form.

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More completed forms submitted to MVEIRB

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GNWT's completed identification of EA roles form.

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Environment Canadaƒ_Ts completed identification of EA roles form.

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DFO's completed Identification of EA roles form.

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DCFN's completed identification of EA roles form.

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WesternGeco would like to remind MVEIRB that they are willing to reduce the amount of equipment used in the program.

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SRRB's completed identification of EA roles form.

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WesternGeco's response to noted deficiencies in their EA report.

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SRRB's completed identification of EA roles form.

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A public notice from MVEIRB listing the directly affected parties and interveners. They clarify the role of NEB as designated regulator and accept WesternGeco's DAR as in conformity with the TOR.

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Information requests 1.1.1 to 1.1.8 from MVEIRB to DCFN and WesternGeco.

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NEB information requests for the WesternGeco Mackenzie Program.

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A copy of DCFN's information requests.

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WesternGeco's response to MVEIRBS Information requests.