Nechalacho Rare Earth Element Project - EA1011-001

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note to file regarding closure of public record as of April 3, 2013.

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A letter from the Review Board to Avalon granting the request to change the name of the project to Nechalacho Rare Earth Element Project.

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A letter from Avalon requesting that the title of the project and Environmental Assessment be, Nechalacho Rare Earth Element Project

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Avalon Rare Metals Inc. closing comments

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The Yellowknives Dene First Nation's closing comments

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Akaitcho Interim Measures Agreement Implementation Office, NWT Treat #8 Tribal Corporation, closing comments

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AANDC's closing comments

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The North Slave Metis Alliance's closing comments

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The Government of the Northwest Territories closing comments.

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Transport Canada's closing comments

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Environment Canada's closing comments

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LKDFN's closing comments.

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Updated response by AANDC for undertaking #2, includes a corrected contact number for NRCAN.

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Letter from Angus Charlo to the Review Board regarding use of the Thor Lake Project area by the Charlo family..

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This is a Note to File that describes next steps for parties and the developer prior to closure of the public record.