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A flyover video of the Tlicho All-season road, flown September 1 2016, is available for viewing on the Tlicho Government website at tlicho.ca/all-season-road

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Protocol for the Review of Water Crossings Proposed Through the Forest Management Planning Process

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Communication between Board staff, Yellowknifves Dene First Nation and the developer regarding a request for late comments be accepted to the public registry, 1 day after the due date.

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GNWT email to NSMA confirming receipt of their October 7, 2016, letter, with GNWT's intent to respond in the coming week.

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Review Board responsibilities under section 127.1 of the MVRMA, in response to the August 17, 2016 letter from the Tlicho Government (PR#13).

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Acknowledgement of receipt of a notification pursuant to SS. 79(1) of the Species at Risk Act

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Presentation from the 2016 Inter-agency meeting updating the progress of commitments to programs and plans regarding preparation for a proposed all-season road.

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Summary of the May 2016 Inter-agency Meeting that followed up on implementation plans for the Tlicho All-season Road

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Community Government of Whati's strategic planning details including steps for implementation of strategies

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Reminder to submit documents according to the Board's Document Submission Standards. This will help all parties and the developer review information in a more consistent and efficient manner.

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This is a summary of the issues scoping meeting in Yellowknife August 24, 2016.

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Response from ECCC to MVEIRB from a question during the technical scoping session (Aug 24, 2016) on why 40 years is the accepted amount of time following a fire for caribou habitat to return.

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Review Board letter to GNWT regarding crown consultation with the NSMA during the TASR EA

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PowerPoint presentation delivered by the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board at the community scoping session in Whati.

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PowerPoint presentation delivered by the Government of Northwest Territories at the community scoping session in Whati.

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Summary report from the Tlicho All-season Road community scoping session in Whati.

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This document contains a LOCATION UPDATE for the Yellowknife Scoping Session taking place on August 24, 2016.

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Several letters from NPMO to aboriginal groups encouraging participation in the TASR environmental assessment

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This letter clarifies the Tlicho Government's participation in the TASR environmental assessment

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This is a letter from GNWT advising MVRB on how the GNWT departments will participate during the TASR EA.

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Review Board staff met with GNWT-Department of Transportation staff to introduce a new staff member and provide a brief EA update.

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This notice of proceeding announces a community issues scoping meeting in Whati August 18 and a techcnial issues scoping meeting in Yellowknife August 24.

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Request for interested parties to subscribe to the EA1617-01 TASR email distribution list, with instructions on how to do so.