Preliminary Screenings

This registry includes notices of applications or development proposals and any associated preliminary screenings that the Review Board receives. The Review Board receives these documents because the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act requires that the Land and Water Boards and other regulators, government departments, or First Nations that conduct preliminary screenings communicate this information to the Review Board. 

A preliminary screening is a preliminary examination of a development’s potential for impacts on the environment, and the potential for public concern (see this infographic preliminary screening and p8-21 of the EIA Guidelines for more information on screenings).

The Review Board does not conduct preliminary screenings. If you have comments or concerns about a development please contact the preliminary screener - contact details can be found in the notification documents below.





E.g., 04/15/2024
E.g., 04/15/2024
Date Notification Receivedsort descending Company / Development Screener / File Number(s) Document(s)
January 11, 2021 Parks Canada
Thaidene Nene National Park Reserve - Ni Hat’ni Dene Guardian Patrol Cabin
Parks Canada
January 13, 2021 Rowe's Construction Ltd.
Gravel pit extraction Hwy 1, km 191 - extension request
January 28, 2021 GNWT-ENR
Francois Lake Forestry Camp
January 28, 2021 GNWT-ENR
Awry Lake Forestry Camp
February 1, 2021 Strategic Oil and Gas
Cameron B-38 well abandonment
Office of the Regulator of Oil and Gas Operations
February 2, 2021 GNWT-Infrastructure
Edie Lake Quarry Geotechnical Drilling
February 9, 2021 Outfitter guided trips - Thaidene Nene
Guide outfitter operations - Thaidene Nene
Parks Canada
February 9, 2021 Marine Transportation Services
Marine Transportation Operations - Thaidene Nene National Park Reserve
Parks Canada
February 9, 2021 Air Charter Companies Thaidene Nene National Park Reserve
Aircraft operations in Thaidene Nene
Parks Canada
February 23, 2021 Outfitter Guided trips Nahanni and Nááts’įhch’oh
Outfitter Operations in Nahanni and Nááts'įhch'oh National Park Reserves
Parks Canada
February 23, 2021 Aircraft Charter Companies in Nahanni and Nááts’įhch’oh National Park Reserve
Aircraft Charter Company Operations
Parks Canada
February 25, 2021 City of Yellowknife
Geotechnical drilling - Aquatic Center
March 4, 2021 Arctic Canadian Diamond Company
Ekati Lynx Development (renewal)
March 5, 2021 Tlicho Government
Tlicho Fibre Optic Project
March 15, 2021 Nighthawk Gold Corp
Amendment Indin Lake Gold Property (near Colomac)
April 14, 2021 GNWT - MTS
Bilge/barge water management for vessels in Hay River
April 20, 2021 Northwest Territories Power Corporation
Bluefish Habitat Enhancement Project
April 30, 2021 City of Yellowknife
Access Road to Trapper's Lake
May 14, 2021 Tlicho Government
Ekwo` Nàxoède K'è Camps - Contwoyto Lake
May 14, 2021 Lutsel K'e Dene Lodges
Frontier Lodge Fuel Storage
May 20, 2021 GNWT-INF
TASR quarry km 80, amendment
Wek'eezhii Land and Water Board
May 25, 2021 arctic tire 1980 Ltd
Quarry km 251 Dempster Highway
May 28, 2021 Parks Canada
Thaidene Nene National Park - Weed Eradication at Fort Reliance
Parks Canada
June 3, 2021 City of Yellowknife
Geotechnical drilling - MacDonald Drive
Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board
June 4, 2021 Canadian Zinc Corporation
Type A Land Use Permit and Water Licence Renewal Applications (MV2021D0005 MV2021L2-0004)