Prairie Creek All Season Road - EA1415-01

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The Review Board has received the outstanding adequacy responses

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CanZinc's responses to the outstanding adequacy items described in the Review Board's "Reasons for Decision on the Adequacy of the Developer's Assessment Report" released on Dec 21, 2015

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DAR Appendix 1 E v2 contains Liard River barge ramps for both the north and south shore of the river. Original DAR Appendix 1_E was missing the south shore barge ramp information.

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This is a letter from CanZinc from September 11, 2015 regarding an Invasive Plant Management Plan.

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list of management plans from the winter road that are currently on the record for EA1415-01

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Report on water sources referenced in the DAR Addendum

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copy of the most recent draft wildlife management plan for the winter road from the MVLWB registry

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Email update from CanZinc regarding approximate timeline for outstanding adequacy item submission

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Letter from the Review Board to CanZinc in response to their January 29th letter regarding outstanding DAR adequacy items

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Letter from the GNWT regarding the proposed scope of work for the independant risk assessors in EA1415-01.

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Email update to CanZinc's January 29, 2016 letter to the MVEIRB regarding Reasons for Decision on the adequacy of the DAR

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Proposed Scope of Work and CVs for third party, independant risk assessor- Oboni Riskope Associates Ltd.

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Letter from CanZinc to the MVEIRB regarding adequacy issues

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The Road Operations Plan (winter road) is referenced in DAR ADdendum September 2015.

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This is the Contaminant Loading Management Plan referenced in the September 2015 DAR Addendum.

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This is the AQEMMP referenced in Section 4.1.7 of the September 2015 DAR Addendum.

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Note to file describing a teleconference between Review Board staff and Canadian Zinc.

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Appendix 2 of the DAR

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Appendix 14 of the DAR

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Appendix 13 of the DAR

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Appendix 12 of the DAR

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Appendix 11 of the DAR

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Appendix 10 of the DAR

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Appendix 9 of the DAR

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Appendix 8 of the DAR

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Appendix 7 of the DAR

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Appendix 6 of the DAR

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Appendix 5 of the DAR

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Appendix 4 of the DAR

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Note to File describing the Review Board's final statement on the exclusion of an airstrip within the Nahanni National Park Reserve from the scope of assessement for EA1415-01

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hyperlinked table of contents for DAR and DAR addendum materials submitted by CanZinc between April 23, 2015 and December 4th, 2015

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Mapping Summary Report for the Prairie Creek All-Season Road, prepared by Tetra Tech EBA as part of the DAR adequacy review requirements

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CanZinc response to questions regarding the airstrip and dates for submission of DAR Addendum materials

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Letter requests some clarification for the DAR Addendum

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Appendix E to the DAR Addendum. Includes the Dehcho Land Use Plan (2004).

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Appendix A to the DAR Addendum

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DAR addendum in response to the adequacy review

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Appendix F of the DAR Addendum

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2014 Caribou Occupancy Survey

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2007 Wildlife Road and Alternate Route Report

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1994 Prairie Creek Project Vegetation and Wildlife Initial Environmental Evaluation

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1982 Beak Wildlife Studies Addendum

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Beak 1981 Vegetation and Wildlife Studies

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Appendix G of the DAR Addendum

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Appendix D of the DAR Addendum

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Appendix C of the DAR Addendum

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Appendix B of the DAR Addendum

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email from CanZinc updating the Review Board as to when it may receive a response to the Adequacy Review

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emails regarding clarification for items in the Adequacy Review for the CanZinc project

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This letter is to CanZinc in response to the items raised in its June 16, 2015 letter regarding the Adequacy Review.

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Letter from CanZinc detailing its concerns related to the Adequacy Review

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This is an email string submitted by Canzinc that includes the Tetratech response to CanZinc regarding DAR content.

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This is a Note to Fiole regarding a teleconference between CZN and Board staff.

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This is an email from Can Zinc to the Review Board that clarifiees questions regarding the DAR.

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Review Board's adequacy review of the CanZinc DAR

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CanZinc's response to the Review Board's questions regarding the inclusion of engineering technical reports.

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These are the CVs for the Review Board's technical consultant, Knight Piesold Ltd, for the CanZinc Prairie Creek all season road EA

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Work Plan for CanZinc all season road EA (EA1415-01) as of the DAR submission

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Letters from the GNWT groups regarding participation in the EA including the KTFN, DFN, ADK and Metis local 67.

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GNWT letters to Aboriginal Groups regarding the decision-making authority and consultation

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Modelling Caribou Occurrence Along the Proposed Prairie Creek Mine All-Season Road. This was submitted by CanZinc to support the DAR

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Appendix 3 of the DAR

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Appendix 1I of the DAR

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Appendix 1H of the DAR

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Appendix 1G of the DAR

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Appendix 1F of the DAR

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Appendix 1E of the DAR

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Appendix 1D of the DAR

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Appendix 1C of the DAR

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Appendix 1B of the DAR

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Appendix 1A of the DAR

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Appendices 2 - 14 of the CanZinc DAR. Smaller formats will be uploaded in the near future.

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Appendix 1 of the DAR. This is a large document, the Review Board will be posting this in larger segments in the near future.

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The Developer's Assessment Report for CanZinc's proposed all season road and airstrip

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This is a letter from Canadian Znc Corporation to the Review Board re projected DAR submission date.