Tłı̨chǫ All Season Road - EA-1617-01

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This reference document provides a single point of contact for links to the developers Project Description Report and Appendices in order as they appear in the hard copy.

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Traditional Knowledge study for the proposed Whati all-season road, prepared by the Tlicho Government in 2014

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This document contains preliminary screening material from the WLWB and is a compilation of the ORS table of comments and responses as well as attached documents from reviewers and the developer..

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Wek'eezhii Land and Water Board draft land use permit and terms and conditions for the Tlicho All-season Road.

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Completed WLWB application form.

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Developer's covering letter for WLWB application.

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Appendix A to the Project Description Report. Joint letter to acknowledge access through an agreement between the Tlicho Government and the Government of the Northwest Territories.

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Tlicho Government and Community Government of Whati Commitments.

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An economic cost benefit analysis quantifying community and industry costs and benefits associated with the Tlicho All-season Road project.

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Introduction to Appendix E of the Project Description Report, including affected parties, engagement goals and methods, engagement plan, and engagement summary and log templates.

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Scoping study of potential social, economic and cultural benefits and risks of a proposed all-weather road in the community of Whati.

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A letter from Tlicho Grand Chief Eddie Erasmus to the Minister of DOT regarding collaboration with DOT on preparing studies for an application for an all-season road

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TASR figures including road alignment, road cross section, alternative routes, borrow areas, surficial geology. soils, ecozones, burn areas and land uses.

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Description of water sampling procedure at SNP sites.

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A map and route plan and profile (by route section) prepared by DOT of the proposed all-season road to Whati

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Powerpoint photo presentation of existing conditions along the proposed all-season road route

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Conceptual designs of the major bridge and culverts along the all-season road, prepared by GNWT-DOT

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Draft Waste Management Plan (WMP)

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All-season road alignment map and images prepared by Kavik-Stantec for GNWT-DOT

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Erosion and sediment control manual (GNWT-DOT)

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Email correspondance confirming that the community of Whati will permit refuse from construction camps in the Whati landfill

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Draft Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat Protection Plan

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Draft Quarry operations plan, prepared by GNWT-DOT

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Table characterizing granular and bedrock features (with recommendations for future work) by section along the all-season road

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Draft Spill Contingency Plan

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Micro-economic analysis of the all-season road prepared by the Community Government of Whati in 2015

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Archaeological impact assessment (AIA) prepared by Stantec for GNWT-DOT in 2014

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Draft fish and fish habitat protection plan (FFHPP)

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Draft emergency response plan (ERP) for construction of the all-season road, prepared by the GNWT

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Field survey photos from argo trip along the proposed all-season route in June 2014, including summary table and cooridinates of observations

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DFO fisheries protection self-assessment record, prepared by GNWT-DOT

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Hydrological study progress report prepared by Stantec for the GNWT-DOT

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Hydrologic and hydraulic study prepared by Stantec for GNWT-DOT

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Archaeological site chance find protocol (GNWT-DOT)

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Log of engagement activitied undertaken by the GNWT - DoT.

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Engagement summaries, archival information and other engagement records referenced in the Project Description Report.